• Template updates and logo img. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch updates some templates and logos.


  • Update link. [Carlos Camacho]

    Change links to GH repo


  • Include OVN configuration steps. [Carlos Camacho]

    This PR includes the steps for configuring OVN in a multi-HV environment.

  • Add more changes to support multiple hypervisors. [Carlos Camacho]

    This is anoter patch to support multiple HVs in any distro deployment.

  • Include initial support for multiple hypervisors. [Carlos Camacho]

    This is the first series of patches to add support for multiple hypervisors.

    This updates the inventory files and updates the disk space validation.

  • Include initial ui PoC. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch reuse a PoC I had from the past.


  • Adjust OVN config deployment. [Carlos Camacho]

    Added some minor fixes for the OVN deployment.

  • Register correctly eks worker nodes. [Carlos Camacho]

    There is a wrong conditional breaking eks deployments with a single master node.

  • Make sure libvirtd is enabled. [Carlos Camacho]

    By default libvirtd is not enabled so the deployments might fail.

    Also add a failsafe path for libvirt default folder.

    And label the eks nodes at the end of the deployment.

  • Install docker everywhere in cdk. [Carlos Camacho]

    Execute the common steps in all the cdk nodes.

  • Remove unneeded tasks and tags. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch removes a few unneeded tags and tasks.

  • Adjust playbook files to avoid duplicated steps. [Carlos Camacho]

    This PR fixes a duplication step when configuring the services nodes.

  • Adjust missing inventory files. [Carlos Camacho]

    We missed to comment the hypervisors in some distros, breaking the disk space validation.

  • Update variables. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch updates some misc variables

  • Openshift sdk is not required. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch removes the openshift requirement which is not necesary.

v0.6.5 - Release date: 2020-12-15


  • Keep ara version. [Carlos Camacho]

    Latest ara is faulty.

  • Update readme content. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch simplifies the project’s readme file.


  • Add simple agent skeleton. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds a simple skeleton code for the agent

  • Trigger submariner jobs. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch triggers submariner jobs and update its labels and status accordingly.

  • Deploy OKD 4.6. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch bumps the default deployed version of OKD to 4.6


  • Do not update logs link if cant upload to GitHub. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch makes the jobs in GH to keep the original link if the file upload failed pushing the logs to GitHub.

  • Add workarounds for 1 master OKD cluster. [Carlos Camacho]

    There are some missing parameters that needs to be adjusted in OKD 4.6 to deploy single node clusters.

v0.6.4 - Release date: 2020-12-09


  • Release 0.6.4. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch releases v0.6.4


  • Fix link. [Carlos Camacho]

    Fix broken link

  • Remove unneeded notes. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch removes some unneeded notes


  • Fix template indentation. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch fixes somw wrong identation in the NFS templates.

  • Replace okd by service regex. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch changes a hardwired okd in the NFS templates for a regex.

    Do not merge this.


  • Refines task clause naming and removes obsolete code. [Brendan Boyd]

  • Adds changed_when and when clauses to nfs provisioner. [Brendan Boyd]

  • Adds nfs storage class and moves nfs config to post deployment. [Brendan Boyd]

v0.6.3 - Release date: 2020-12-08


  • Release and update docs. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch builds a new release and amends the documentation.


  • Include eks as a new distro. [Carlos Camacho]

    The following patch allows the deployment of EKS-d


  • Remove common.yml from the inventory grapher. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch excludes common.yml from the docs graphing tooling.

  • Include pending variables. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds some pending variables to configure EKS correctly.

  • Allow insecure registry with docker in OKD. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch enables insecure registries in OKD when using with docker.

  • Allow insecure registry with docker in OKD. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch enables insecure registries in OKD when using with docker.

v0.6.2 - Release date: 2020-12-04


  • Release 0.6.2. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch releases 0.6.2 fix a major fix for the new podman version breaking all distros deployments.

  • Pre-deploy OKD 4.6. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch configures the requirements to deploy OKD 4.6.

  • Include date in job name. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch includes the date in the patch names.

  • Clean unneeded titles. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch cleans up some unneeded titles in the roles.

  • Sync all ci scripts. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch syncs both CI scripts

  • Docs fix. [Carlos Camacho]

    2 simple empty lines

  • Update readme. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch updates the readme with the way to run kubeinit from a quay container and a docs update.


  • Add readme as part of docs. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds the readme file as part of the documentation.


  • Include subctl verify as a new playbook. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds an new playbook for running subctl verify so the CI logs are in a different section.

  • Include ara in the ci results. [Carlos Camacho]

    This path includes ara as part of the CI jobs execution


  • Allow docker and podman in the local registry container. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch allows choosing between docker or podman in the service machine when installing the local registry.

  • Merge CI logs in a single commit. [Carlos Camacho]

    WE had issues to push the CI logs with binary files, this patch fix that issue and commits only one change.

  • Pull from local registry explicitly. [Carlos Camacho]

    When deploying submariner the newly created container images need to be tagged and pointed to the local registry.

v0.6.1 - Release date: 2020-11-23


  • Add container image in quay. [Carlos Camacho]

    After each release we push a new tag to quay

  • Split code for better readability. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch splits a few tasks for better readability.

  • Print PR inf in the submariner playbook. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds some debung information when getting the submariner operator code


  • Adjust operator image overrides. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch fix the parameter to override the submariner operator

  • Remove quotes from eof. [Carlos Camacho]

    Quotes in OEF blocks variable expansion which is the default behavior inside of here-docs. This was disabled by quoting the label (with single or double quotes).

v0.6.0 - Release date: 2020-11-20


  • Cut 0.6.0. [Carlos Camacho]

    This releases KubeInit’s 0.6.0


  • Add inventory and playbook diagrams. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch renders automatically the inventory and supported playbooks for the supported scenarios.

  • Add syntax check docs for commits. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch updates the docs for adding a reference


  • Add fixed mac address to the external interface. [BK, Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds support for adding a fixed mac address to the external interface in the service node.

  • Include submariner container image build deployments. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds a PoC for building the container images for the submariner-operator repo based on a PR.

  • Enable the container registry by default. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch synchronize the remote registry with the local registry instance for the current supported Kubernetes distributions.

  • Include a local disconnected registry. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch enables the ability to use a disconnected local container image registry to speed up the deployments.

  • Add vcpus configurable for okd bootstrap. [cgoguyer]

  • Make vcpus configurable. [cgoguyer]

  • Make globalnet configurable. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds a new role variable to make globalnet optinal.

  • Use fqdn in cluster definition. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch introduces the FQDN usage in the Ubuntu based clusters, also, triggers cloud-init in every node after the initial package update.

  • Include submariner job. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds the submariner job.

  • Include submariner playbook. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch includes the Ansible automation to connect two KubeInit clusters with OKD and RKE.

  • Include a commitlint check. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds a commitlint check for every pull request.

  • Include submariner and registry roles. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adds the skeleton of the new roles to be integrated


  • Include –image-override in the submariner playbook. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch makes fully usable the submariner job and the CI deployment.

  • Adjust ci job variables and insecure registries. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch fixes some CI job variables not validated properly and the RKE insecure registry deployment.

  • Appends okd pullsecret to disconnected install. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch appends the disconnected install auth token to the pullsecrets variable so its added to the pullSecret install-config variable when deploying the OKD cluster.

  • Stop install on CentOS7. [Juan Badia Payno]

  • Solve masquerade issues. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch solves some masquerading issues in the hypervisor.

  • Adjust subctl commands. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adjust both broker and secondary cluster deployment.

  • Include no-label and remove comment from script. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch makes the join cluster command non interactive. Also removes some comments in the scrips first line.

  • Adjust subctl commands. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch adjust both broker and secondary cluster deployment.

  • Swapped variable names within kubeinit_okd_dependencies. [Bilal Khoukhi]

    Swaps the variables within kubeinit_okd_dependencies. Client was given the Installer’s URL, and vice versa.

  • Move from virt-resize to qemu-img resize. [Carlos Camacho]

    Current libguestfs 1.40.2 fails with virt-resize: error: libguestfs error: f2fs: unknown group

  • Fix permalinks in theme. [Carlos Camacho]


  • Move auth pullsecret as a role variable. [Carlos Camacho]

    This change moves the pullsecret JSON data in the OKD role as a variable.

  • Code split. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch organizes better the template configs for deploying okd and rke.

  • Add regexp for changelog. [Carlos Camacho]

    This adds the correct regular expressions for the changelog.

v0.5.7 - Release date: 2020-10-21

  • Prune changelog, add job dependency, and release. [Carlos Camacho]

v0.5.6 - Release date: 2020-10-21

  • Fetch all history. [Carlos Camacho]

v0.5.4 - Release date: 2020-10-21

  • Build with changelog. [Carlos Camacho]

    This patch renders the buildlog and creates automatically the project’s first release

  • Update jobs and render first GH release. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Pass env var. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Update script. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Auto release. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Release to galaxy. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Bad. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Test. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Test. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Test job. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix bundle. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Deploy cdk 3 master nodes. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix report path. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Podman to docker. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix molecule. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Clean. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Cdk content. [Carlos Camacho]

  • New roles. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Ubuntu. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Upgrade. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add haproxy role. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Split bind. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Split nfs. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include apache role. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Ha k8s. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include raw k8s. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include stale job. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include ci envs. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Allow multiple clusters per host. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Rem bootstrap node. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Match PV-PVC. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Slides. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add firewalld rules. [Carlos Camacho]

  • From container. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add dockerfile. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Cleanup. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Roles refactor. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Partial organization. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include readme in docs. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Update README. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add manifests for day 1 autoapprover. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add modifications for rhcos download. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add changes to move to 4.6 and full iso. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Changes for using new full ISO image. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Changes needed for 4.6 and customizing iso. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add new script to prepare iso for offline install. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add pipeline to deploy a cluster. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add fixes for ignition configuration. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add login command to produce image. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add fixes for libvirt dns. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add ci for building image. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add modifications for local dns. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add file. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Remove inventory/hosts file. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Upload sample inventory.hosts with all settings. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add fixes for worker vms. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add new changes for bootstrap. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add fixes to create addresses for hosts. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add changes for iso install. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add changes in coreos installer service. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add management of bootstrap vm. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add new task to prepare the isos to be installed. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add tasks for generating ignition files. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add new changes for pulling live cd. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add steps for configuring installer. [Yolanda Robla]

  • New changes for preparing install. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add initial preparation tasks. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Initial commit. [Yolanda Robla]

  • Add collection. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix lints. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include CI scripts. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix logo link. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add sanity galaxy check. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Tetst Galaxy automation. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Update galaxy file. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Reduce RAM reqs and add RAM validation. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add tool to publish to Galaxy. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix vars prefix. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include validations role. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Replace pending old ref. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Replace ccamacho with Kubeinit where applicable. [Glenn Marcy]

  • Add HowTo’s to readme. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Adjust external variable. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Allow DNS queries for external view. [Carlos Camacho]

  • WIP external interface, multizone bind, and remove template in conditionals. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Allow Debian/Ubuntu hosts + Kubevirt. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Cleanup KubeVirt role. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add Kubevirt support. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix lint. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add kubevirt steps. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Replace hyphens by underscore. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Kubevirt changes. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add kubevirt WIP. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Update logo. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Minor fixes. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix lint nits. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Testing basic molecule coverage. [Carlos Camacho]

  • REadme fix. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include html badges. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include badges in readme. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Install ansible in docs build. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include render autodoc. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Force push pages. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Link docs. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add symlink. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Create docs. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Print final debug information. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Get some final details. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Adjust ignition files. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix nits. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Nits. [Carlos Camacho]

  • REsize disk. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Cleanup. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Deploy correctly okd4.5. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Clean. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Cleanup. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Cleanup. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Okd4.5. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fixed ip and workaround. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include ifc renaming. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Include OKD draft. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix deplot crio 1.18 and kubeadm 1.18 in centos 8. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Update tasks. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Passing lint. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Update deps. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Lint cleanup. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Readme. [Carlos Camacho]

  • New readme. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Group linters. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Yamllint. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Rename job. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Move to cri-o and centos 8. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Push howto and minor templates fixes. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Adjust VM templates. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Adjust ram and hypervisor IP. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Forgot minor fixes push. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix templates, first verison done. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Clean lint. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Comment socond reboot. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix req file. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Ansible execution fixes. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Add more fixes. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix zombi guests. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Fix/finish provisioning templates. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Introduce Ansible automation. [Carlos Camacho]

  • Initial commit. [Carlos Camacho]